Rabe and Strick against the vampire!

2012-01-13 | 90 minutes

Rating: 0

Plot Summary

The body of a homeless man is found in the middle of the city. After the examination by the forensic doctors, it is found that the man has not a drop of blood left in his body. In addition, two strange stigmata adorn his neck. Inspector Rabe and his colleague/partner Susi Müller are faced with a mystery. Their boss is on a commissariat leader training course and they are to solve the case alone. Private detective Axel Strick, on the other hand, is called in by the fortress administration: A grave and an open, empty coffin have been discovered in an old battlements. Stick is to proceed discreetly and find out what the part is all about. Of course, the cases of the two unequal friends Rabe and Stick become entangled in a few too many drinks, and the viewer is allowed to dive into a world full of night creatures, student fraternities and other mysterious deaths ...



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