A Dead Man Cannot Live

2021-06-29 | 105 minutes

Rating: 4.7

Plot Summary

Tano works for Manuel, a businessman who’s made his fortune in the construction sector and who has a tight network of friends in local government who help him carry out his business safely, in exchange for making sure that the drugs enter and leave the city without causing any violence or making any noise. Tano knows that the golden era is long gone. Now, he’s 54 and struggling to make ends meet. His mission is to keep the drug-trafficking business from Morocco under control and to make sure the money keeps flowing, but someone has brought some samples of a new drug into the city and its effects are devastating, causing the local junkies to go completely crazy. Angel, Manuel’s son and heir to his business empire, is convinced that if they start dealing this new drug, they could go back to making the millions they were before the economic crash.



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