Pinochet Boys

When the chains are broken... there is no turning back!

2016-08-23 | 90 minutes

Rating: 0

Plot Summary

In the '80s, Tito, a 17 year old boy, faces a difficult choice: leave school and follow the road to university or front his past and take on a battle against the dictatorship. Motivated by Cecilia, who he secretly loves, and his father, Tito passes from an adolescence without worries to the responsibility of taking justice into his own hand. Integrity mixed with commitment, will crossed by want, fear associated with the pleasure of adrenaline, the reasons behind the violence, are the contradictions of Tito and his friends. In the end, Tito and his opponent Ricardo, a police officer who he knows since childhood, end up facing each other in a terrifying game. The type of game in which nobody wins.



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