Gravity of the Tea

This is not a documentary, because the film doesn't observe but feel its subject.

2019-11-28 | 130 minutes

Rating: 0

Plot Summary

IM Kwon-taek is a Korean film-maker. He was born in 1934 when his country was under Japanese occupation. When Korean War was over his parents became North Korean partisan, and he ran away from home. He’s made 101 films since he made his debut in 1962 with Farewell Doman River. He tasted the glory at Cannes Int’l Film Festival with Chiwhasun. However making the 102nd film seems harder than ever to this 80-year-old director. His 2 projects have been suspended. He still can’t find chance to make his 102nd film, but spends daily routine free from film-making. This is a recording of years that the film-maker spends without making a film.



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