Cher... and Other Fantasies

How can you refuse? When Cher says... Take Me Home.

1979-03-07 | 80 minutes

Rating: 0

Plot Summary

Cher... and Other Fantasies is a 1979 prime time network special starring singer and actress Cher, featuring songs from her latest album "Take Me Home". In this special, Cher finds herself trapped in a strange building, where various fantasies await her behind every door. The memorable opening number “Aint Nobody’s Business” sees Cher on a tour of fashion from Eve in the Garden of Eden to disco at Studio 54 all while parading in dozens of stunning Bob Mackie creations. There's also a roller skating fantasy sequence and a second Garden of Eden moment when Andy Kaufman shows up as Adam and Cher plays the snake. Elliot Gould guest stars as a painter who resides in the building, Shelley Winters turns up in a skit about acting and Lucille Ball plays a cranky old washerwoman. To date this is Cher's last traditional variety-format special. The program was nominated for a 1979 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Costume Design for a Limited Series or a Special for Bob Mackie and Ret Turner.



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